Monday, 26 June 2023

Why Irish Linen? What is Irish Linen? Why Should I buy Irish Linen? What’s the difference between ‘regular’ and Irish Linen? There’s so many questions – luckily we have the answers…

Unlike most linen products on the market today, our fabrics are expertly crafted and produced in Northern Ireland. Many linen fabrics are produced further afield in Asia. As a result, the quality of these linens can often suffer with linen yarns being produced and woven in climates not suitable to produce strong quality flax. All our linen yarns stem from European flax known for it’s superior strength. Our linen is certified by the Irish Linen Guild and Masters of Linen. Irish Linen is a premium product with a wealth of history behind it. It’s not just a beautiful nostalgic story; the knowledge and skill passed down through generations both in the skill of weaving and also the processing of linen that creates a truly quality product. It’s luxurious and quite like no other, giving you something truly special to adore. It’s all in the handle!

Properties of Irish Linen

With such a rich history, it’s no surprise linen has been used for thousands of years due to it’s many positive attributes.

  • Linen is a fantastic temperature regulator; in hot weather linen absorbs moisture and excess heat, in cooler weather it retains heat
  • Irish Linen is versatile as it’s used in garments, but it is also the perfect choice for interiors
  • Linen has a high natural luster, bringing a gentle aesthetic luxury to fabrics
  • Linen fibres are resistant to moths and carpet beetles
  • The inelasticity of flax helps products retain their shape
  • Linen is durable and offers a soft-to-the-touch texture
  • Made from natural fibres, linen is biodegradable