What is Aero Linen?

Tuesday, 19 December 2023
Aero linen refers to a type of linen fabric that combines the natural qualities of linen with added aeration and breathability. Aero linen (often referred to as Archival Linen) is finely woven and offers strength in its construction. The fabric is unbleached, lightweight, breathable and PH-neutral.

Historically, the lightweight fabric enables airflow and breathability and due to its strength, it was used in the early history of aeroplane making. At some point, a bookbinder recognised its strength and applied it to strengthen and repair books.

Nowadays many Aero Linen can be used to help restoration and preservation of books, maps, posters, paintings and more. As one of the only specialists that produce archival fabrics, our Aero Linen fabric signifies a linen fabric that has undergone specific treatments within the UK to amplify it's strength, handle and use.