Monday, 26 June 2023

A sustainable fabric fit for the future

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the impact our buying decisions have on the planet and the future of our world. For too long it has been impossible for us to trace where most of the products we consume come from, particularly in regards to textiles. Thankfully, this is beginning to change and as consumers we can make informed choices on sustainability issues.

Where does the linen come from?

All our linens come from a local supplier here in Northern Ireland, an accredited member of ‘Masters of Linen.’  This allows all the fabric we print and dye to be traced from field, to yarn spinner, to our weaver; all within Europe, complying with social ethics and produced sustainably, respecting the environment. In a world of global production our Irish linen is a transparent, locally produced product.

Flax takes 100 days to grow from seed to harvest, using 13 times less pesticide to grow than potatoes. It is naturally broken down (retted) in fields before it is scutched to extract the strong flax fibre. Linen uses considerably less water in production than cotton.

Protect the environment and choose Earthed Irish Linen for a sustainable fabric

Sustainable production – no irrigation, no GMO, no waste, natural field retting

Completely Vegan friendly

Biodegradable – 100% linen is completely biodegradable

Proximity – raw flax, fibres and yarn travel short distances before being woven into beautiful linen

Low carbon footprint

Naturally anti-bacterial

Naturally moth resistant

With proper care can last for decades

Our Irish Linen you can rest assured it has been ethically produced.