Wednesday, 15 March 2023
Our new collection Sub Surface is now available from our stockists. Sub Surface, draws inspiration from the texture, pattern, colour and opacity of subterraneous elements of the natural world. This linen range perfectly captures the striking beauty of crystalline structures and minerals found beneath the earth’s surface.
The collection has seven designs, each of which explore the different textures of minerals, particularly the traditionally clean angular shapes.
Designs include Geode, which depicts the texture and pattern created within Quartz and Igneous, which reflects the strength of rock. The Euhedral pattern focuses on the sharp and easily recognisable formations of crystals, while Marmar is inspired by the unique Connemara marble found in the west of Ireland.
Each design is available in four unique colourways which have all been developed from how light interacts with the different formations to produce varying colour intensities. Kyanite marries a spectrum of calming and lively blues while Lithium Quartz’s emphasis is on subtle and sophisticated pink hues. In contrast, the Connemara colourway combines mossy and bright greens and Smoky Quartz incorporates warm greys teamed with cooler greys drawn from Hematite.
The fabric itself pays homage to the different formations of minerals and cleverly plays with light, as subtle textures have been added to the collection with the addition of a new woven structure and screen print to produce sumptuous fabrics that have real depth.
Duncan Neil, creative director at Earthed, said:
“The aim of the second collection is to build on the unique, fresh and natural designs that Earthed stands for and introduce some exciting new processes to the brand.
“Sub Surface is visually very different from the first collection with strong angular designs, but the inspiration from the natural world around us remains consistent and clear. This collection fuses strong lines and bold colours to create vibrant fabrics that will breath fresh life into interiors.
“We continue to utilise cutting-edge technology during the printing process, allowing the vibrant colours and intricate patterns to be perfectly translated onto the luxury linen.”
Our bespoke linens are available from stock or individually printed to suit customers’ requirements – perfect for upholstery and soft furnishings.
Explore the new Sub Surface collection here.