Saturday, 17 June 2023
Spring is finally here! With promise of some sun and blue skies all set to interrupt the grey, dreary weather we’ve had recently and the daffodils in full bloom we’d like to welcome you to a very happy edition of Material World, our monthly roundup of some of the best blogs we’ve seen during the month. So, without further ado, let’s begin.
French For Pineapple – The Mother of all Headboards Part Two: The Tutorial
Where else could we start but with this stunning headboard created with our Torrent fabric by Bianca Hall of French For Pineapple fame?
Bianca combined her amazing DIY skills with a lot of fabric and a flash of imagination to create this stunning, wall-to-wall headboard which really does need to be seen to be believed. In addition to this, Bianca also created a matching base for her divan to complete the look.
This blog shows off the incredible amount of work which went into creating the headboard and teaches you how to create your own, with brilliant, easy-to-read instructions and lots of pictures of her work.
Apartment Therapy – A Forgotten Flooring Material is Back, and Better than Ever
Terrazzo is making a comeback this year, and Apartment Therapy are excited about it.
More than your typical trends blog, Apartment Therapy have shown just why they’re one of the biggest interiors sites around with this great piece which goes in-depth on discussing the history of terrazzo before discussing how it’s used in the modern age and why it’s making a comeback.
Did you know that terrazzo has been around since 9,000 BC? We do now thanks to this.
Strawberry Squeeze – How to Prepare the Garden to Get the Most out of It!
As the warm weather approaches, so too does the time for barbecues, sitting outside and generally enjoying your garden while you can. Long, wet winters typically make this a bit of challenge as you’re left rushing around to try and make it look remotely presentable before everyone comes to visit.
Thanks to Strawberry Squeeze getting your garden to look good no longer has to be a chore, she has a few great tips for making sure your home looks as great outside as it does inside. And to make it even better, ‘plant more flowers’ is nowhere to be seen.
House Beautiful – Kelly Hoppen’s Top Picks: 8 Interior Design Trends for 2017 Worth Watching
As a former Dragon in Dragon’s Den and world-renowned interior designer, Kelly Hoppen is someone to listen to when you’re looking to learn more about design. You don’t get to be as successful as she has by being off-trend.
House Beautiful managed to grab Kelly recently to discuss what she thinks we should keep an eye out for as we move further in 2017. She picked out 8 key trends in different areas of design and discussed exactly why she thinks they are here to stay.
Sophie Robinson – Room Reveal: Purple and Grey Living Room
This post is the first in Sophie’s Great Interior Design Challenge-inspired series she’s christened Room Reveal. As a judge on the show itself, it’s a safe bet that this is going to be a fascinating series.
The first post does not disappoint, with Sophie analysing a purple and grey living room. Her analysis is much more detailed than you’d usually expect to see, with Sophie going in-depth on both why the different aspects of the room work according to her personal taste as well as on a technical level.
Sophie also gives an open invitation for people to submit their room for dissection by her for the brave amongst you – perfect for everyone looking to push their skills up.
Thanks for reading the latest issue of Material World, we hope you’ve enjoyed the blogs we’ve featured this month. Naturally, we con’t read every blog and will miss pieces out so if you think we’ve missed something glaring, get in touch on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and let us know.