Wednesday, 24 May 2023

At William Clark we are passionate about Linen and creating the best material possible. We find ourselves drawn to brands and businesses who have that same mindset. Working with the tailors on Saville Row, local designers such as Katie Larmour, Deborah Toner and international brands such as Mulberry is a natural fit for us. On the 19th of July we welcomed to the Mill a customer who have been in business nearly as long as William Clark- Richard James Weldon. Since they started in 1826, Richard James Weldon have been working closely with us to provide a number of products.

Richard James Weldon are one of Britain’s oldest tailor’s trimmings merchants. Since they began they have been supplying our high quality linen products to tailors across the globe. Dedicated to sourcing the highest quality merchandise, they have access to exclusive and rare materials and boast the broadest selections of products within the trade. Their staff are experts in the field possessing extensive knowledge and an expertise of trimmings, understanding tailors’ specific needs.

It was great this summer to welcome back Curtis Haley (Commercial Manager) and David Bunce (Sales Manager). Showing them some of the changes to the Mill since their last visit; our new heat recovery solution and machinery that allows us to diversify market conditions, whilst still continuing with our famous heritage beetling. During the course of the day we got Curtis to tell us more about Richard James Weldon’s story-

1. Can you tell us a little more about the story of Richard James Weldon?

Our company was born from the joining of two of Britain’s biggest companies C & J Weldon and Richard James & Son. In 1983 the two oldest established names in British tailoring joined with West End woollen merchant, Wain Sheil, to form the company known today as Richard James Weldon.

Richard James Weldon is a family owned British Company that prides itself on its long standing tradition of quality, service and selection of tailor’s trimmings to the bespoke trade.

‘Tradition’ is not just another word to us, but is instilled with a greater sense of meaning that affects all aspects of our business operations today. Existing in the high quality products that we select for our ranges, present in the high standards of service that we provide our customers. It is crucial to us that we succeed in continuing the time honoured values of quality, selection and service that formed the foundation of our business at its beginning.

We are powerfully proud of this heritage, our hope is that by knowing a little more about our journey you will have a better sense of who we are and what we stand for.

2. How long have RJW and William Clark been working together?

At a guess, probably since our inception in 1826. Certainly throughout the whole of the 20th and 21st Century.

3. What is it about William Clark that Richard James Weldon loves?

William Clark not only provide a number of unique, high quality products but they offer a heritage within the cloth industry that is even richer than ours.

Traditional techniques used by Clark’s during their manufacturing process are incredibly specialised and have been honed over centuries, this allows them to create finishes that cannot be matched by modern technology.

4. Heritage materials are experiencing a resurgence in the media at the minute e.g. wool. How do Richard James Weldon see this shaping the garment trade?

I feel that the movement has been gathering pace for some time, particularly in the denim world, with the resurgence of selvedge denim.

We believe it has a very bright future and hope that post-Brexit Britain can benefit from better export opportunities that will help fuel the resurgence of quality manufacturing in this country. Hopefully helping to position “Made in UK” heritage materials at the heart of premium and luxury garmen

We love meeting with our customers who feel as strongly as we do about our country’s textile manufacturing strength. Getting excited with the areas and projects that each are working on. If you would like to find out more about Richard James Weldon and what they offer then please visit their site here.