Monday, 15 May 2023
Earthed is unveiling its Autumn/ Winter 2017 collection, Helix, at Decorex.
Helix is a dynamic collection of decorative prints and weaves suitable for upholstery and soft furnishings including drapes and cushions.
This is the third collection from Earthed, inspired by one of the most common shapes found in nature, the spiral. From flowers such as lupins and sunflowers to pine cones and nautilus shells, nature has evolved continually using the conic helix growth pattern. Even DNA has evolved in spiral formations. This highly efficient method of natural design allows life to not only grow but to flourish, and the Helix collection perfectly encapsulates this.
Duncan Neil, creative director at Earthed, said:
“Our Helix collection once again brings something completely unique to the interiors market. The innovative design, colourways and manufacturing processes allow us to produce stunning, bespoke fabrics that people can use to create beautiful spaces in their homes. This collection is once again inspired by raw natural beauty, allowing people to bring the outdoors indoors. The exclusive designs also play with the power of colour to add energy and positive vibes into interior spaces.
“Our manufacturing processes incorporate cutting-edge digital printing technology, allowing the vibrant colours and intricate patterns to be perfectly translated onto quality linen. The collection has also embraced the linen heritage of our parent company William Clark, including the development of a new decorative weave design ideal for upholstery and heavy drapes.”
Helix is launching at Decorex International at Syon Park, London, and will be available from leading interior design stockists and retailers across the UK, starting at £70 per metre.
Earthed’s previous collections, The Upperlands and Sub Surface will also be showcased at Decorex.