High quality, tailoring interfacing linen canvas for use in collar pads, lapels, panels and seam support. Traditionally used in quality tailoring, this linen shapes and reacts perfectly to steam, retains strength when being used to support items in the front of a jacket.

Beetled Linen – A globally unique product

A shade range of coarse linen plain weave, stiffened with starch and pounded to produce a soft linen canvas with a polished, soft finish and resilient stability. This product is unique to William Clark as we are the only authentic linen Beetlers in the world.

Moulding Linen – various weights and handles

Used in lapels, pocket flaps and heavy-use collars and cuffs, this linen is available in a variety of weights and handles.

Beetled Holland

100% beetled linen Holland – ideal for stay tapes because of its soft handle, strength and totally flat thread coverage. Available in 79cm and 132cm folded on boards or rolled full width. Can also be slit into narrow coils.

Duck Linen

A 100% shrunk linen, ideal for discreet interlining. Available in a range of finishes, the unique appearance of the Duck linen is achieved by an ‘off square’ construction with fewer threads in the weft than the warp.

Repair & Aero Linen

100% linen fabric which has been neutrally PH treated. These fabrics are suitable for long-term conservation repair.
11054 Repair Linen is 80cms wide, sold in 25mt rolls or cut lengths
11055 Aero Linen is 172cms wide, sold in 25mt rolls or cut lengths

Navy & Brown Box Linen

100% linen fabric which has been neutrally PH treated and coated. Renowned for its strength, previously known as “Islandreagh Linen” and used by The Ashmolean Museum and The British Library, these fabrics are ideal for Conservation repair and box making for long-term storage.
11056 Navy & Brown Box Linen is 122cms wide, sold in 25mt rolls or cut lengths

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