Archival and Conservation Fabric

William Clark has recently launched a new Archival range, producing three Archival Cotton fabrics and a selection of Archival Linen fabric.

The Archival Cotton fabric in the new Archival range has been principally made to support valuable documents and maps printed on paper. The Loomstate is scoured, desized and produced without the use of bleach. The fabric is then slightly stiffened using a neutral PH mix.

Effective archival document preservation is dependent on how items are stored and the materials used. The acid-free, 100% cotton based fabric in the Archival range allows historical documents to be stored in a stable environment and will not cause damage or speed up the deterioration process. William Clark also produce a natural cotton, the 11053 Natural Calico, which is available in wide width for larger maps.

The Archival Linen fabric in the Archival range includes a Repair linen, an Aero linen and a Navy and Brown Box linen fabric. The 100% linen based fabric in the Archival range has also been treated without the use of bleach and is assisted with neutrally adjusted PH mixes.

The Repair and Aero linen is the material of choice for archivists when repairing books. The strength of the linen fabric makes it ideal to improve the strength of books and can be used for the spine material, lining and hinging.

The Navy and Brown Box linen in the Archival Linen range are acid-free and ideal for safe, long-term storage and preservation of historic items such as books, documents, newspapers, artworks and photographs.

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