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Archival and Conservation Fabric

William Clark has recently launched a new Archival range, producing three Archival Cotton fabrics and a selection of Archival Linen fabric.

The Archival Cotton fabric in the new Archival range has been principally made to support valuable documents and maps printed on paper. The Loomstate is scoured, desized and produced without the use of bleach. The fabric is then slightly stiffened using a neutral PH mix.

Effective archival document preservation is dependent on how items are stored and the materials used. The acid-free, 100% cotton based fabric in the Archival range allows historical documents to be stored in a stable environment and will not cause damage or speed up the deterioration process. William Clark also produce a natural cotton, the 11053 Natural Calico, which is available in wide width for larger maps.

The Archival Linen fabric in the Archival range includes a Repair linen, an Aero linen and a Navy and Brown Box linen fabric. The 100% linen based fabric in the Archival range has also been treated without the use of bleach and is assisted with neutrally adjusted PH mixes.

The Repair and Aero linen is the material of choice for archivists when repairing books. The strength of the linen fabric makes it ideal to improve the strength of books and can be used for the spine material, lining and hinging.

The Navy and Brown Box linen in the Archival Linen range are acid-free and ideal for safe, long-term storage and preservation of historic items such as books, documents, newspapers, artworks and photographs.

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Bias Binding – Commission Finishing

We can stiffen cotton or poly/cotton to your desired level and turn circular fabric ready for bias cutting for the use on 45% tapes.

  • Circular cloths, turned on the bias
  • Plain cloths stiffened and prepared for bias cutting

Printing – Commission Finishing

We can prepare linen, linen unions and linen viscose for digital printing and rotary/screen printing. A clean stable foundation for bespoke printing on a range of textile compositions.

  • Preparing linen, linen unions and linen viscose for digital printing
  • Preparing linen, cotton for rotary/screen printing

Apparel – Commission Finishing

We produce waterproof, soil resistant finishes using the latest environmentally friendly products, for outerwear and fusible coatings for interlinings- a range of fusible products are available from stock, shrunk for stability and washable. Laminating 2 or 3 fabrics to bulk for shoulder padding or ladies underwear. As a UK manufacturer we can offer lower production volumes to suit your demands. Commission dyeing and finishing enable you to bespoke and produce product to your signature/design.

  • Laminating
  • Dyeing and finishing- cotton/linen/viscose/cotton rich
  • Fusible coating

Technical Fabrics – Commission Finishing

We offer specialist technical innovation for several markets on a commission basis. Geo textiles- laminating for Astroturf underlay, insulation membranes for medical use, coated fusible papers for heat activated bonding, bonded laminating for the barrier and insulation projects.

  • Membrane lamination
  • Laminating 2 or 3 layers together
  • Coated paper/textiles

Soft Furnishings – From Stock

In association with Evans Textile Sales we can offer a comprehensive range of linings, interlining, blackouts, accessories, heading tape, poles and tracks manufactured in the UK to the highest standards including the brand DB1 which is manufactured at William Clark. Available from stock next day delivery to NI.

  • Curtain linings
  • Curtain interlinings
  • Quilt backing
  • Accessories
  • Poles/tracks

Upholstery – Commission Finishing

As custom-made furniture manufacturing returns to the UK, we can offer a bespoke commission service for the upholstery market. Flame-retardant coatings ensure your product meets the required British standard, shade matching guarantees consistent production from batch to batch allowing you to spread funding, laminating, environmental coating and barrier films provide soil resistant, waterproof or insulating products for specialist use.

  • Foam lamination
  • Barrier fabrics
  • Calico/dyed twill- flameproof padding
  • Flame proof backcoating
  • Dyeing and processing
  • Laminating
  • Water proof coating
  • Film lamination- breathable, soil resistant coatings
  • Bias binding

Tailoring – From Stock

A range of traditional linen, duck, Holland and fusible interlinings for the most discerning tailors and garment manufactures. Manufactured in the UK using traditional technique established over many years. For minimum order quantities we can manufacture to your specific shade or handle requirements or alternatively we can offer the traditional range of products from stock.

  • Buckram- from stock
  • Collar Canvas
  • Chest Canvas
  • Stay Tapes
  • Interlinings
  • Fusible Interlining

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