It was recently the annual open day at Flax Mills textiles outside Dungiven, an inspiring and hugely enjoyable day as always that all of us at the factory look forward to each September. Many of you will be aware of the beautiful woven fabrics Marian and Hermann produce at their home and mill, with a passion for linen in particular but all natural fibres that can be grown ethically and sustainably. Flax Mill Textiles are one of our favourite customers; they are the most authentic customer we have when we look at how William Clark started out, processing fabrics woven by local weavers, with their base being just 16 miles away. Their ‘slow’ and considered approach to design and manufacturing is just what the world needs, now more than ever. This is part of the reason they love bringing linen to us to beetle, giving their wonderful linen a beautiful lustre without adding any chemicals or finishing agents, just the pure power of the beetling engine creating a stunning look and feel to their fabrics. See what Hermann has to say on the process with this link;

Open Day 2019