Archival Cotton

William Clark & Sons is delighted to introduce a new range of Archival Cotton fabric.

Conservation of Documents and Archives

The new range of Archival Cotton fabric has been developed to support valuable documents and maps printed on paper. The range consists of three cotton based fabrics, of which the C60 Natural Calico, a finer cotton is available in wide width for larger maps.

Fabric in the Archival Cotton Range can be used in archival map restoration. Paper is a sensitive material and can react to its surroundings. Damp, changes in temperature, humidity and exposure to light can adversely affect paper fibres.

Paper will also react to certain materials such as acidic support boards or self-adhesive tapes, so it is essential the correct materials are used when backing or mounting precious documents and maps.

Cotton Backing & Mounting

William Clark’s range of Archival Cotton fabric is acid-free and can be used by Archive Conservators for cotton backing or cotton mounting. The 100% cotton based fabric is pH neutral which will help to ensure the longevity of historical documents and maps printed on paper.

Book Binding

Archive Conservators will also find the Archival Cotton fabric useful for book binding. The soft, acid-free fabric can be used for tying bundles of documents together or holding damaged books in place while they wait repair.

Archival Cotton Fabric

Made with 100% cotton fibre, the new range of Archival Cotton has been produced without the use of any bleach. The Loomstate fabric has been scoured, de-sized and slightly stiffened using a neutral PH mix.

11051 Archival Document support cotton is 152cms wide, sold in 50mt rolls

11052 Archival Map support cotton is 152cms wide, sold in 50mt rolls

11053 Natural Map support calico is 183cms wide, sold in 50mt folded pieces.

Further Information

William Clark & Sons is committed to providing exclusive Archival Cotton for Archivists and Conservators and welcome any recommendations or requests to provide specific items. We have our own production facility which in itself can be dated back to the early 18th century and we take great pride in producing useful, quality products.

For further information or to discuss your specialist fabric requirements, please contact our team today.


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