Ireland’s oldest linen fabric mill

Nearly three centuries ago, an enterprising man called Jackson Clark rode out to the place we now call Upperlands in Ulster and spotted a dark, narrow stretch of river, babbling as it cascaded over the stones.

With his craftsman’s eye, he realized it was a perfect location for a waterwheel that would drive a simple device called a beetling engine. In doing so, he revolutionised the finishing of linen fabric forever.

With this machine, linen fabric was given a wonderful sheen through hours of pounding with vertical wooden blocks, until it was ready for demanding buyers in London, Dublin and the New World.

Over the following century, younger generations of Upperlands textile-masters adapted their know-how to the full range of natural and synthetic fibres, including cotton and linen fabric, finding markets and partners in every corner of the world.

Today, the flame lit by the Clark pioneers is still burning bright. Drawing on a 300-year-old tradition of resilience and ingenuity, we meet the evolving needs of every customer, from furnishers, decorators and fashion designers to users of traditional linen fabric or innovative industrial and technical fabric.

William Clark and Sons

72 Upperlands Maghera

Co. Londonderry

BT46 5RZ

United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)28 7954 7204


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